Owner & COO

Carolyn Mejia (pronounced ma-HE-uh) – not  to be confused with “Mrs. Tin Man” whose name is also Carolyn. Her trail name is “Oz” and she’s been a behind-the-curtain part of AntiGravityGear from the very beginning, so feel free to also call her “The Great and Powerful” if you want. It fits. Oz is an accomplished graphic artist and our guru for all things web related. One of her many passions is photography. She resides in our AGG Wilmington office and is in charge of general operations. When she is not in the shop taking pictures, designing pocket profiles, or working on the website, you can most likely find her swimming in the ocean with the sharks, hiking in the mountains with the bears, or cycling some single track with the copperheads (there’s a story). This photo of her and son, Cameron, was taken on a backpacking trip on the Foothills Trail in South Carolina.

Founders & Co-Owners

George and Carolyn both grew up in Florida where they met and married in 1977. They spent most of their careers in Wilmington, NC before retiring to Huntsville Alabama in 2014. They raised three great men and to date have 5 amazing grand kids.

George is a man of many talents. When not spending time with the family, he can usually be found gardening, hiking, playing guitar, tinkering with Volkswagens, making ultralight gear, building things, or baking bread. He is known by many as the “Tin Man” … due in large part because of the “tin can” alcohol stoves he builds and because he retired from a career as an air traffic controller. 

Carolyn, or as the hiking community calls her “Mrs. Tin Man”, is a retired Nurse Manager and IT Analyst, proud Mom and “Grammie”, life long camper and seamstress. She helps with accounting.

Oh, and out of respect for George’s original bio which resided on the AntiGravityGear website for over a decade, it’s worth mentioning… “George loves to hike and eat oysters.”

Operations Manager

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Linda Skovrinski
Fulfillment Specialist

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A.T. Guide Team Member

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