2024 Appalachian Trail Map – 10 Feet Wide, On Professional Canvas – Calm Hypsometric Colored Version


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Weight: 40.16 oz.

These are incredibly detailed terrain maps of the entire Appalachian Trail, printed on professional canvas using non-fade archival pigmented inks.  These maps are mural sized 10′ wide x 2′ tall, designed to be mounted horizontally at eye level so the viewer can walk the length of the map up close to view the details.
The map includes all of the 2024 shelter locations, and all mileages conform to the official ATC mileage.  A complete elevation profile of the Trail runs the length of the map below the main map section.
This map has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  This gorgeous map is appropriate for those who are true fans of the Appalachian Trail, have already hiked it in sections or its entirety, or dream of doing so one day.  Suitable for a lodge style cabin, man-cave, college dorm room and more, this map will instantly become the centerpiece of its space.
Available in two color schemes. Background coloring with the states individually colored, or background coloring based on elevation (hypsometric).
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