AntiGravityGear Lightwater Kit


Weight: 0.5 oz.

Save ounces of pack weight!

Carrying only what you need is one of the fundamentals of lightweight and ultralight backpacking. The new AntiGravityGear Lightwater Kit now enables you to apply this philosophy to Aquamira drops like never before!

Each Lightwater Kit includes 2 – 0.25 oz dropper bottles which hold enough Aquamira to treat approximately 20 L of water, 1 – 0.1 oz dropper bottle for mixing in, a re-sealable plastic carry bag, and instructions for use.


How many drops to use: The drops from Lightwater bottles are about half the size of the standard Aquamira drops so use twice the number. For example use 14 of the smaller drops from the Lightwater dropper bottles to equal 7 from the Aquamira bottles. Use the smaller white bottle to mix the drops.

Pre-mixing: The Aquamira company does not recommend pre-mixing quantities for future use because each time you open your pre-mix bottle, the mixture ‘gasses off’ and loses potency. However, one strategy some hikers use is to only mix a single treatment dose to be used at the next water fill-up. AntiGravityGear does not recommend pre-mixing but if you are going to do this, know that it is against the manufactures recommendations and discard any pre-mix solution that is losing it’s color and becoming clear or is more than a few hours old.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

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