AntiGravityGear Pouch Cozy 1.0 (Minor Flaw)


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Weight: 1.5 oz.

Our loss is your gain! These 1.0 Classic Camo Pouch Cozies have a slight production flaw, resulting in the cozy being 9.24 inches tall, versus the regular 8.5 inches tall. This flaw means the top opening of the cozy is 6.75 inches, versus the regular 7 inches. Overall, this cozy is almost perfect, just a bit taller and very slightly more narrow. The effectiveness of the cozy itself is not affected.

The Pouch Cozy 1.0 is an incredibly efficient tool for food rehydration. The rip stop nylon exterior makes it durable and easy to clean. The 1.0 is perfectly size for single serving pre-packed freeze dried meals (and for DIY freezer bags).

The easy to use top flap with elastic band seals in heat, and the 95% efficient reflective insulation interior keeps food hot for long periods of time.