AntiGravityGear Rain Kilt 1.0


Weight: 1.6 oz. – 2.1 oz.

The AntiGravityGear rain kilt is the perfect ultralight solution for staying cool and dry in those warm weather storms. Weighing in at a mere 1.6 oz. – 2.1 oz. (depending on size) it offers all the lightweight waterproof benefits of 1.1 oz. non-breathable silnylon but with plenty of ventilation to keep you cool and dry. The flat waistband and velcro adjusters mean there are no uncomfortable cord locks to rub underneath your hip belt. And, with just two adjustments the kilt is quick and easy to put on. Just wrap it around, dial it in with the second velcro adjuster, and off you go. Features a full 12″ of overlap to prevent separation while you’re moving, and comes in regular or long lengths. Made in basic black to coordinate with all of our rain jacket colors and to provide discrete coverage on laundry day. Includes an almost weightless mesh sack for storage.

Kilts are unisex.  See sizing chart below for assistance in choosing your size.