AntiGravityGear Vista Bug Net


Weight: 6.8 oz. – 7.1 oz.

bugnetThe Vista Bug Net attaches to the hammock simply by slipping the net end loops over the suspension loops of the hammock. It features an attached 1/4″ MULETAPE® tension indicator protecting the integrity of the bug net and makes the perfect hang a simple process every time. The Vista includes a 24” zipper allowing you to slide the Bug Net completely out of the way for an unimpeded view when bug activity is low. For solid bug protection, slide the net back over the hammock and zip it up. A shock cord around the bottom cinches the net around you and keep the creepy critters from feasting on you as you rest. Ah yes, the shock cord! Such a simple thing that helps hold your under-quilt of choice against the hammock to prevent CBS… (Cold Butt Syndrome) You’ll use the Vista Net year round just for that reason!

Vista Net with attached ridge line will fit any 11′ hammock.
Use with a Bishop Bag for convenient stowing of your net when in the open air position.

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