Caldera Cone System

$34.95 $26.21

Weight: 5.7 oz. – 5.9 oz. (without pot)

The Caldera Cone Stove System has completely revolutionized the world of alcohol stoves and ultralight backpacking by becoming the most stable and efficient stove system on the market.

What makes the Caldera Cone so amazing is the cone shaped windscreen/pot stand. The “cone” is designed and sized to completely enclose the cook pot, both supporting the pot over the stove and protecting the stove and pot from the wind, dramatically increasing stability and efficiency. A sturdy Titanium reinforced dove tail closure holds the cone together while in use and easily slides apart for quick storage. Asymmetric venting allows you to turn the windscreen to gain maximum protection from the wind.

The supplied 12-10 alcohol stove is specifically engineered to work within the specialized environment created by the Caldera Cone and is so light you will hardly know you are carrying it.

To add to the performance of this outstanding stove set, the Caldera Cone systems come with a 2 part plastic storage container which protects the windscreen and stove while you are on the move and can be used as a bowl and mug while you enjoy your hard earned meal at camp.


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