Caldera Kitchen with Evernew .9L Pot (ECA-252)


Weight: 10.9 oz

The Caldera Kitchen for the Evernew .9L Ti Pot is just the tool you need to unleash your back country gourmet side without breaking your back or the bank. The system is based around, and includes, the very popular Caldera Cone stove system which is hands down the most efficient alcohol stove system on the market today.  The cone shaped Caldera Cone wind screen serves 3 purposes: it is a very effective wind screen that allows the stove to get the oxygen it needs to burn while blocking wind, it is an extremely stable pot stand, and it traps all the heat the stove produces and focuses it not only on the bottom of the pot but all the way around the side!  To make this system into a light weight complete kitchen set we include the pot for the Evernew .9L Pot and matching pot cozy which keeps food hot for a remarkably long time so you can re-hydrate your meal and still eat hot food.  And then we add a 4 cup insulated Ziploc container that works great as a bowl or mug and also protects the Caldera Cone components while in your pack. Then we add the 5.5 oz fuel bottle, fuel measuring cup, and instructions and pack the whole set into a light weight sil-nylon stuff bag so your entire kitchen is packed up in one nice neat place in your pack. Wow! Value, light weight, packability, and performance what more could you need!

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