Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape


Weight: 10 oz.

Comes with 6 Titanium Tent Stakes and a 5×9 Tyvek Ground Cloth…for FREE! (Offer Not Valid For Discounted Shelters)

This ain’t your dad’s Poncho Tarp! Anyone stuck on a high ridge camped under a poncho/tarp in a major blow, knows the hours to daylight are going to be long hard ones. Face it, unless you’re small enough to qualify for a job as one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, ponchos don’t provide much protection. Sure, you can add a bivy to your pack, but that’s more weight and another single use piece of gear to carry.

The Gatewood Cape’s unique 360 Degree Protection provides full coverage either when worn as a cape or used as a shelter. Unlike ponchos, capes don’t have long slits along the sides. While the poncho may allow for more ventilation, it does little to keep out wind blown rain. Dual zipper pulls on the front of the Gatewood Cape allow you to regulate ventilation while still providing full protection. Plus, the open skirted design allows fresh air to enter the bottom.

As a shelter, the Gatewood Cape provides significantly enhanced protection when compared to your typical poncho/tarp. Its sturdy pyramid design easily sheds rain or snow and wind simply flows around it. Any sudden change in wind direction in the middle of the night won’t leave you scrambling to re-orient your shelter or force you deeper into your bivy. Unlike a tarp, the Gatewood Cape is a shaped tarp and eliminates all exposed sides, leaving you safe and secure.

With 35 square feet of coverage under the shelter’s canopy, you’ve got plenty of room for you and your gear. Depending upon conditions, you can even adjust the vestibule to different heights to increase ventilation. A long zipper on the vestibule makes opening and closing the shelter a snap.

For the adventuresome day hiker, the Gatewood Cape makes the perfect addition to your 10 essentials survival kit. It packs down incredibly small and provides peace of mind knowing you’ve got excellent protection close at hand.