Six Moon Designs Haven NetTent (Closeout)


Weight: 16.0 oz.*

Closeout Shelters DO NOT come with Titanium Tent Stakes or Tyvek Ground Cloth.

This is the older version of the Haven Net Tent that is compatible with The Haven Zero-G Tarp. This Net Tent is NOT compatible with the updated version of the Haven Tarp.

There are times when a simple bug head net won’t do. Once camped by a beautiful mountain lake, I was driven into my tarp when the mosquitoes came out to play. The tarp’s netting skirt kept out the pesky bugs but the evening sun turned my sanctuary into a sweat lodge. It wasn’t long before I packed up and headed for high ground where a breeze and trees would keep the bugs and sun at bay. At the time, I would have killed for a net tent. Something with a large enough space to sit up and enjoy the beautiful surroundings pest free.

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