AntiGravityGear Ultralight Bushcraft Knife


Weight: Knife 4.0 oz. | Sheath 1.4 oz.

When an ultralight backpacking gear company and a local artisan blacksmith love each other very much… the AntiGravityGear UL Bushcraft knife is born. Our love child is built strong enough to take on the rigors of backcountry adventure without weighing you down. We chose 1/8” AEB-L stainless steel for the 4“ blade. Its tough metallurgical makeup has just the right amount of carbon content to hold its fine, strong edge intact while remaining corrosion resistant, and light weight.

The precision Scandi grind bevel is perfect for batoning, feathering, shaving, whittling, or skinning and the spine has a sharp 90 degree edge for scraping kindling and fire steel. We chose black walnut which is a lower density and lighter weight hardwood, and the grip profile is a dream to, well…. handle. Forget the notion that this piece of ultralight gear should be treated with kid gloves. To lighten things up we skeletonized the shank and left the brass fittings hollowed out to shed every extra gram possible without compromising the overall integrity of the knife in the slightest. It comes with a low profile, light, and extremely durable 1.4 oz. Kydex sheath with a virtually indestructible poly-resin belt clip.

Forget about your preconceived notions about the heartiness of “ultralight gear.’ The AntiGravityGear UL Bushcraft Knife is tough enough to take on the rigors of your backcountry adventures without weighing you down on the trail. Feather with it, baton with it, and then cut your summer sausage. This lightweight beauty will do it all.