The concept for AntiGravityGear was born in 2000 on a Boy Scout backpacking trip to the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina. Remarking about how light we felt after removing our far-too-heavy packs, it was decided that the best gear for hiking would be anti-gravity gear. Why, we could even make an anti-gravity suit to carry our gear and sell it for a fortune!!! (At least WE would have paid a fortune for it just then.) Playing Madison Avenue advertising types around the campfire, we were soon talking about silly sounding slogans like “it carries you”. We have not yet found the anti-gravity suit that would allow for such effortless backpacking, but in our search we have found a wide range of great products to offer from other like minded companies and have developed a few of our own.

We constantly strive to offer new and innovative products. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have. We are committed to raising up the next generation with a deep reverence for Wilderness and Leave No Trace camping. As a part of this commitment we donate a portion of our proceeds to help support organizations that build and maintain our Trails and Wilderness areas.

Thank you for visiting our store and happy hiking!

George “Tin Man” Andrews