5 Section Carbon Fiber 45″ Pole


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Weight: 2.1 oz.

If you’re a cyclist, paddler or don’t carry trekking poles, you may wish to consider using our carbon fiber poles to support your shelter. These poles are extremely strong1. They are stronger than aluminum yet weigh less. Custom made by Easton Mountain Products, these Carbon Fiber poles will not shatter even in the strongest winds. The 5 section poles pack down even smaller than the original carbon fiber Easton poles with 11″ sections.

Some shelters require two poles for setup; be sure to review the setup before purchasing.

This 45″ ultralight Carbon Fiber pole is custom made and designed to be used as your primary tent pole for the:

  • Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
  • Six Moon Designs Deschutes
  • Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus
  • Six Moon Designs Deschutes Zero-G
  • Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape


  1. Carbon Fiber poles do have built-in flexibility. When setting up your shelter, you want to tighten the canopy just to the point where the poles create a slight bend. Then back off until vertical. This is more than enough tension to keep your shelter erect, even with high wind loads.