AntiGravityGear MULETAPE® Suspension Straps


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Weight: 2.1 oz. (per pair)

suspensionTwo 10’ straps of 1/2″ MULETAPE®. Oh, how we love MULETAPE®. So, much so that we don’t even mind that you can’t get it in any color but white. We knew it had to be a part of our QuickSilver Hammock System no matter what. This 1250 lb. test material is made of lubricated low stretch polyester.  The MULETAPE® joins to the QuickSilver Hammock loops with a quick, simple and secure Becket Hitch knot. This knot is a cinch to tie, allows fine adjustments to be made with ease and tears down with just a tug. We’ve tested this knot in wet, cold and hot conditions. It holds strong and does not slip. And no hardware means zero weight added and fewer opportunities for hardware failure leaving you on the ground in the middle of the night.

A word about proper usage: We recommend using tree straps (or, tree huggers) that are, at minimum, 1 inch wide. This is good practice for protecting the trees we hang from. Furthermore, it should be noted that MuleTape has a loose weave and it will snag on tree bark.  For these reasons, we do not recommend it for use without tree straps.

Use with our Polyester Tree Straps.