AntiGravityGear Pot Cozy


Weight: 1.7 oz. or less

ec_awardIt’s not how much you carry that counts, it’s how much you don’t have to carry. Cozys are lightweight and super efficient insulators which allow you to save fuel by keeping food so hot that it will continue to cook long after you have taken the pot off the stove. They weigh approximately 0.6oz/17g (BPL 500) to 1.7oz/49g (MSR 2.0L Alpine), depending on size, and will easily save their weight in fuel-not-needed on every trip over and over again. The cozy traps the heat in so food continues to cook long after you have taken the pot off the stove and will keep it piping hot for nearly an hour. “One of my favorite trail meals is Santa Fe Beans and Rice rolled into burritos. Normally this requires 25 minutes on the stove. With the cozy I just cook it for about 6 or 7 minutes on the stove and then place the pot in the cozy. I seal up the cozy by simply pressing the insulation around the top and let it sit. 20 minutes later the food is cooked and still too hot to eat. That saves me more than 20 minutes of fuel…every time. I boil several cups of water for breakfast and the cozy will keep the rest of the water hot for my second or third cup of coffee.” – Tin Man

NOTE: If you do not see your pot in the list at the right, then you need a Pot Cozy Kit.

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