Flex Air Ultralight Pillow


Weight: 0.9 oz.

Sleep in comfort with the Flex Air inflatable pillow.

This ultralight inflatable pillow will let you sleep like a baby no matter where you find yourself on the trail. The inflatable design inflates in seconds, and easily allows you to adjust the air pressure to customize your comfort. And is covered with a soft and durable non-woven poly exterior so you can have maximum comfort.

Instructions for Use:

  • Insert straw into valve to inflate pillow to desired firmness – remove straw.
  • To adjust pillow firmness, re-insert straw to inflate or deflate pillow.
  • Remove straw during use.
  • If straw is misplaced or damaged over time, pillow can be inflated directly by mouth. ¬†Pillow can be deflated by inserting something slender into the valve and pressing on the pillow to release the air.
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