Tin Man Aluminum Can Alcohol Stove


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Weight: 0.4 oz.

Boil Rate (click for Tin Man’s field test results): 2 cups of water in 5 minutes on less than 1 ounce of fuel

Fuel: denatured alcohol (can be carried in a plastic drink bottle eliminating the need for expensive and heavy fuel canisters or bottles)

Fuel Consumption: 16 fl. oz. of fuel will provide enough cooking time for a 5 day hike These stoves are carefully made by hand from recycled soft drink cans.

There are over 22 steps taken to prepare and assemble this alcohol stove using special tools, jigs, and assembly techniques I have developed to ensure consistency, quality and performance. After making hundreds of these alcohol stoves, I have settled on this design as the best combination for fuel economy and performance.

Don’t be fooled by the size and construction materials. These alcohol stoves are very rugged. They are durable and strong enough to support your cooking pot. Yes, that really IS two bricks, a concrete block and a large can full of water supported by one of my alcohol stoves (as seen in additional photos). This alcohol stove has no moving parts to wear out or break down. The construction process involves using high temperature epoxy to seal the pressure chamber. There are no slits on the side to weaken the alcohol stove and cause potential leaks like you will find on other designs. The top and bottom pieces are sealed with 600 degree epoxy AND are safety taped. I have never had a leak with one of these alcohol stoves.

The pepsi can alcohol stove is designed for denatured alcohol only. This is a readily available fuel that can be found in any hardware or paint store and at many outfitters like those along the Appalachian Trail. Denatured alcohol can be safely carried in a plastic drink bottle eliminating the need for expensive and heavy fuel canisters or bottles. Rubbing alcohol works poorly and is not recommended because it contains water and just will not perform. Due to the location of the burn holes you can place your pot directly on the alcohol stove without snuffing out the flame.

As with any item, improper use can result in damage or injury. Buyer agrees to use the stove and accessories in accordance with the instructions and good common sense. Buyer agrees to hold the seller harmless from any damage or injury that may result from the use or misuse of this item. Ordering this item indicates that you agree to these terms.