AntiGravityGear Stratum 55 Top Quilt


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Weight: 17.2 oz.

How many times have you tossed and turned in your sleeping bag or quilt or finding yourself too hot with it and too cold without it? It can be challenging to find the piece with just the right amount of insulation for every season. The Stratum 55 is a problem solver. This versatile and economic 800 down fill top quilt with 10% overstuff will go a long way towards dialing in your comfort level. During the summer, it’s just enough to keep you comfortable without overheating and without weighing you down. During the winter, enjoy an extra layer for your winter set up for added warmth and benefit from selective layering to help regulate your sleeping temperature more effectively. Top quilts are perfect for tree hangers and ground dwellers alike, with no zippers to damage your hammock, freedom of movement for ground dwellers, and comfortable insulation for all.

New to top quilts? This is why you want one.
When it comes to staying warm, loft is king! Top quilts are efficient. Unlike sleeping bags, top quilts put all of the insulation where you need it – – on top of you! Sleeping bags put part of the insulation beneath you rendering nearly half of it’s available warming potential ineffective. Also, have you ever wanted to just kick your leg out, or tuck your bedding between your legs? It can be hard to accomplish in a sleeping bag (at least without unzipping it – – effectively turning it into a quilt). So skip the formalities, save the added weight of a heavy 10ft. long zipper, use ALL of your available insulation, and take a quilt!