AntiGravityGear TreeLine 40′ Spectra 725 Line


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Weight: 1.0 oz.

Backpackinglight RecommendedBackpacking Light Magazine rated: RECOMMENDED!!!

“When you consider the normal cost of Spectra cord, the AGG TreeLine is an insanely great deal at $21.95.” – Will Reitveld, Backpacking Light Magazine, July 2007

AGG TreeLine is a stuff sack with 40′ of high strength 750# flat weave Spectra cord. Ideal for bear bags or hanging your tarptent, the flat weave slides easily over tree limbs providing minimal damage to the tree yet is highly abrasion resistant. The cord-locked stuff sack is made of silnylon and provides a neat storage bag for the line but is made to use with a rock weight for throwing over tree limbs. I have found this to be an easy and accurate way to hang a line.

At a total weight of 1 ounce and a breaking strength of 750 pounds, this is the only line you need to take on the trail.


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