AntiGravityGear UL Deluxe Bear Bag System


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Weight: 3.8 oz.

This easy to use and light weight bear bag system will help keep your valuable food safe against furry foes, and won’t break the bank.

This system includes 50′ of 750 lb test flat braid Spectra line, a rock bag for easy and accurate throwing, a large sil nylon stuff bag, an OPSak odor proof storage bag, and a Biner; and the best part is the whole system weighs a mere 3.8 ounces!

The 50′ length of Spectra line makes it easier to find a place to hang your food over similar products which offer only 40′. The flat braid of the AGG Spectra is gentler on trees than round cord, and slides easily when lifting heavy loads after a big re-supply. The built in Rock bag makes throwing the line over a branch faster and easier.

The included OPSak odor proof storage bag is waterproof, odor proof, durable, and re-sealable to offer excellent protection against the elements and the escape of odors that might attract unwanted guests to your campsite.

The large stuff bag is easy to attach to the system with the use of the Nite Ize Biner, and provides added protection.



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