Do you recommend seam sealing rain gear?

We are asked from time to time if our rain gear is, or should be, seam sealed. The answer is, it is not seam sealed but you certainly can. The seams of our rain gear are sewn in a manner to discourage leaking and fraying. They are very well constructed and reinforced seams. But clearly the fabric has been sewn and therefore has been pin pricked several hundred times leaving potential for leakage in extreme situations. But arguably, in such conditions, it is hard to tell if your gear is leaking or if it’s just crazy wet outside. Our recommendation is this. Wear it first without seam sealing (after all, that stuff adds weight). If you find you need it, seal away. A tube of Seam Grip + Sil will do the trick. None of us here at AntiGravityGear have seam sealed our rain gear. We have never felt the need.

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