How did you test for the weight rating?

The 250# max weight rating on our Quicksilver Hammock is based on what we know about the material component ratings and on our observations. We have done long term testing on the hammock at 220# with no excessive wear. In fact, we’ve never felt like he we’ve even started testing the limits. We believe 250# to be good working max with a comfortable safety margin.

George and Carolyn Andrews (our founders and the designers of the Quicksilver Hammock) sat on one together for a combined weight of 370+ pounds as a test. Starting gingerly and increasing stress gradually, they bounced up and down hoping for failure. They grossly overstressed the hammock. Their combined weight along with the bouncing load probably exceeded 450# to 500#. It performed perfectly without any damage or indication of stretching/failing fabric or stitching… and without any damage to George and Carolyn. ?

Please keep in mind this is very unscientific and we are still keeping the stated capacity at 250# until we are able to do some static load testing to destruction. It’s worth noting that applying more weight to your system could cause higher than average wear and tear on your gear. EVERYONE should inspect their gear each and every time before use to check for system compromise. This is hammock safety 101.

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