How should I care for my Rain Gear?

Caring for Your Rain Gear & Shelters: Helpful Tips
Spot clean with a soft cell sponge and only enough mild, unscented detergent to get the job done
When cleaning your SilNylon or SilPoly gear, avoid machine washing or drying. The best practice is to hand-wash or spot clean with a soft cell sponge and only enough of a mild cleaning agent to get the job done; we recommend “Dr. Bronner’s” unscented soap. Avoid household cleaners such as detergent, dish soap, bleach, spot removers or laundry pre-soaking products. Most of these cleaners can impair the gear’s coating, as well as attract bugs and wildlife with the perfumes they contain.
Spot cleaning (bird feces, tree sap, etc.)
Tree sap (or pitch) is perhaps one of the most difficult things to remove. Avoidance of trees that drip sap is your number one strategy but can be unavoidable at times. Try not to allow pitch to remain on your gear for extended periods of time and remember to gently work it off with the least amount of detergent and scrubbing necessary to get the job done.
Once hand-washed, hang your gear in the shade to air dry
Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can speed up the natural degradation of your gear’s coating. Also, machine dryers can generate enough heat to impair the performance of your gear. Dryers can also stretch the fabric, stress the seams, or cause excessive abrasion during the tumbling process (especially if the gear contains zippers or cord locks). Wait until your gear is fully dry before storing. For long term it is preferable to store your gear in a breathable bag or container large enough, so the gear will not be extremely compressed for long periods of time. Storing your gear when not completely dry for the long term long will cause mold and degradation of your gear’s DWR coating.
Seam seal your gear or apply supplemental DWR coating
Seams, even ones that are bound or taped, are vulnerable areas on water-repellent or waterproof gear. To avoid possible leakage at the seams over time, you may use a Seam Sealant. Additionally, if you find you ever need to re-coat worn areas to re-waterproof or extend the life of your gear, you may easily do so with a coat of paint-on or spray-on DWR Sealant. Brands like “Gear Aid” and “Atsko” offer sealants for specific areas, fabrics and coatings. If you’re treating an item coated with Silicone (i.e. AGG Rain Gear), be sure to use a Silicone based DWR spray. We recommend “Atsko Silicone Water-Guard”.
No matter the product, it’s important to monitor and maintain your gear for optimal performance.

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