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PSA: Protect Yourself from Package Theft

We are living in an e-commerce world and crooks are taking note of easy targets… packages left on front doorsteps.  We have had more reports than ever of package theft. Here are some tips to protect yourself. Have Your Packages Sent Somewhere Safe Have your packages sent to your place of work if they will allow it. Ask a relative, […]

Lightweight Hammock Suspension Systems, The Ultimate Hang

“AntiGravityGear Muletape Suspension…This system provides the most length per ounce of any system.” Read the full article about Lightweight Hammock Suspension Systems, by Derek Hansen at [show_products per_page=”-1″ pagination=”no” category=”lightweight-hammock-suspension” show=”all” orderby=”menu_order” order=”desc” layout=”default” ]

The Ultimate Hang, AntiGravityGear Quicksilver Ultralight Hammock System Review

“If you are looking for a lightweight hammock kit, the Quicksilver gives any system some stiff competition…  For me, simplicity is perfection. Some hammocks have so many tie-outs, guy lines, and storage pockets that it becomes a self-made booby trap with unused accessories. The Quicksilver system, in contrast, is streamlined, light, and simple. It’s ideal […]

AntiGravityGear Quicksilver Hammock System Review

During the production phase of developing the AntiGravityGear Quicksilver Ultralight Hammock System, we sent one of our first renditions to James and his girlfriend Brianna. They kindly agreed to write up a gear review and give us some feedback. Here is what Jameshad to say… there’s a nice surprise at the end. The girlfriend and […]

2012 Backpacker Magazine “10 Essentials”: Pocket Profile Long Trail Maps

2012 Backpacker Magazine "10 Essentials": Pocket Profile Long Distance Trail Maps

One type of map—huge paper topos—existed when The Mountaineers first published the 10 Essentials, the club’s checklist of must-pack gear for any dayhike or backpacking trip. Nowadays, the options are endless. Case in point: These waterproof guides pack Webster’s-worthy detail into a pocket-size package for AT and JMT thru-hikers. Mileages, elevation profiles, water sources, and […]

Caldera Cone Stove System

Ultralight Camp Stove “The Caldera Cone Stove System from Trail Designs is an ultralight, fuel-efficient alcohol stove system. It is stable, wind resistant and weighs less than two ounces…..The Caldera Cone fits most popular titanium pots and mugs and functions as a combined pot stand, windscreen and heat exchanger. It is easy to disassemble and […]