AntiGravityGear Quicksilver Bishop Bag


Weight: 0.6 oz. – 0.8 oz.

The Quicksilver Bishop Bag makes setting up and striking camp a breeze. The standard bag is large enough to store our Quicksilver 11′ Hammock with the Vista Bug Net attached (or similar set-up) . It features a button hole in the bottom of the bag to accommodate the other end of your hammock suspension loop for quick set up. Since the bishop bag stays attached to the hammock while in use, it is a great place to stow your Vista Bug Net which slides out of the way while not in use and makes the stow away process quick, clean and easy.

The deluxe version has enough room to hold a hammock, bug net AND a 20º down underquilt, dramatically cutting set-up and strike time by not having to add or remove your underquilt from your hammock each time.

COLOR: Black